M2 FCN - Internships

Fundamental and Clinical Neurosciences

The second semester of the M2 FCN is fully dedicated to an internship in a research laboratory.
Below is a list of internship proposals from some Neuroscience teams in and outside Lyon. This list is updated as proposals are received.
Potential M2 FCN students are encouraged to directly contact other teams from the Labs in Lyon affiliated with the Master (list here), as well as to consider internships outside of Lyon or abroad. The latter will be endorsed if the scientific project and the host laboratory meet the admission committee’s criteria.

List of proposals for the academic year 2022-2023

Motivation, learning, planning and strategy change in brain and behaviour. KOLLING (SBRI, Lyon)

Role of DSCAM in the development of motor circuits. BRETZNER (Québec, Canada)

Reinforcement learning in dysphoria – a behavioural and neural investigation. SCHOLL (CRNL, Lyon)

Susceptibility to peer feedback and its relationship to emotional resilience. SCHOLL (CRNL, Lyon)

Intrusion of REM sleep in NREM sleep in human and mice, healthy and with sleep disorders. PETER-DEREX & PEYRON (CRNL, Lyon)

Functional impact of focal vasoconstriction in the rat brain studied by multimodal neuroimaging. CHAUVEAU (CRNL, Lyon)

Deciphering the physiopathological mechanisms of microcephalic syndromes linked to defective minor splicing. DELOUS (CRNL, Lyon)

How do monkeys navigate in virtual reality? WIRTH (ISC, Lyon)

Evolution of the engram after memory consolidation or forgetting. MALLERET (CRNL, Lyon)

Serotonergic action of aripiprazole on neuropsychiatric symptoms: a multimodal imaging study on Tourette patients. PASQUEREAU (ISC, Lyon)

Role of the emotional processing in the formation and consolidation of remote episodic memories in rats. VEYRAC (CRNL, Lyon)

Temporal relation between epilepsy evolution and alteration of respiratory function in Dravet Syndrome (DS). RHEIMS & KOUCHI (CRNL, Lyon)

Sleep inertia in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. RHEIMS & PETER-DEREX (CRNL, Lyon)

Sleep education in high school students: effect on sleep-wake patterns, inhibitory control and risk for obesity. SPIEGEL & REY (CRNL, Lyon)

Sensory gating in thalamic relay nuclei by the motor cortex. URBAIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Neurofunctional processing of object category perception, saccades and calculation in children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder: an fMRI and DTI study. GOMEZ & HURON (CRNL, Lyon)

What is the neurophysiological basis of motivation and attentional effort in prefrontal cortex? WILSON (SBRI, Lyon)

Encoding of social hierarchy learning signals at the single cell level in humans. DREHER (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Mechanisms of LSD as a novel drug for depression treatment. HADJERI (SBRI, Lyon)

Neural dynamics of infant motor development. BONAIUTO & RAYSON (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Effects of early social experience on the development of affect-biased attention. BONAIUTO & RAYSON (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Reading the thinking brain: decoding verbal and visual thinking from MEG signals. VERNET (CRNL, Lyon)

Detecting motor preparation from brain signals and modulating the sense of agency. VERNET (CRNL, Lyon)

Development and use of super resolution confocal microscopy approach for study of synaptic microconnectivity in a transgenic mouse model of Parkinson disease. JULIN (Anses, Lyon)

A motor tool for language learning. BROZZOLI (CRNL, Lyon)

Memory and Learning in Peripersonal Space. BROZZOLI (CRNL, Lyon)

Investigating the role of microglial phagocytosis at the acute stage of ischemic stroke in a rat model of thrombectomy. WIART (CARMEN, Lyon)

Long-term impact of a naturalistic living environment on rodent cognitive abilities. LITAUDON & RAVEL (CRNL, Lyon)

Neurological lesions induced by severe traumatic brain injury in rats. MARINESCO & BALANCA (CRNL, Lyon)

Deciphering neuron/microglia signaling involved in synaptic plasticity. PASCUAL (MeLis, Lyon)

Effects of essential oils on cerebral activity and physiological signals. BUONVISO (CRNL, Lyon)

Whole brain quantifications of cell responses to adverse conditions. RAINETEAU (SBRI, Lyon)

Postnatal neural stem cell potency in health and diseases. RAINETEAU (SBRI, Lyon)

How the temporal variability of a sensory context affects auditory perception? KOSEM (CRNL, Lyon)

Understanding the neurological mechanisms underlying memory impairments in neuromyelitis optica, an autoimmune disease. MARIGNIER & SALIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Coupling between Perception and Action: the effect of attention on visuo-oculomotor adaptation. PELISSON (CRNL, Lyon)

Cerebral autoregulation and EEG changes after acute brain injuries. BALANCA & MARINESCO (CRNL, Lyon)

Implicit adaptation of auditory processing under uncertainty: modeling EEG single-trial responses. LECAIGNARD & MATTOUT (CRNL, Lyon)

Influence of dioxin exposure on the transport of folates across blood-brain interfaces. GHERSI-EGEA (CRNL, Lyon)

What do we learn while resting ? QUENTIN (CRNL, Lyon)