M2 FCN - Internships

Fundamental and Clinical Neurosciences

The second semester of the M2 FCN is fully dedicated to an internship in a research laboratory.
Below is a list of internship proposals from some Neuroscience teams in and outside Lyon. This list is updated as proposals are received.
Potential M2 FCN students are encouraged to directly contact other teams from the Labs in Lyon affiliated with the Master (list here), as well as to consider internships outside of Lyon or abroad. The latter will be endorsed if the scientific project and the host laboratory meet the admission committee’s criteria.

Students are also encouraged to perform internship abroad and to apply to various fellowships for financial support of international mobility (Neurograduate school, UFR Biosciences, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, etc…).

List of proposals for the academic year 2023-2024

Temporal relation between epilepsy evolution and alteration of respiratory function in Dravet Syndrome (DS). RHEIMS (CRNL, Lyon)

To investigate midline thalamic neurons firing during sleep and wake in an Alzheimer disease mouse model. HAY (CRNL, Lyon)

Neural dynamics of infant motor development. BONAIUTO (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Establishing the role of fronto-striato-motor circuits in effort-based decision-making using non-invasive brain stimulation approaches in humans. DEROSIERE (CRNL, Lyon)

Working on Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation in addiction. FOURAGNAN (University of Plymouth, UK)

Spatial hearing maturation in complex auditory environments in normal hearing children. GAVEAU (CRNL, Lyon)

Sensory gating in thalamic relay nuclei. URBAIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Cognitive impairments mediated by microglia during chronic anesthesia. PASCUAL (MeLis, Lyon)

Building and maintaining the architecture of the axon-muscle connectome. ENRIQUEZ (IGFL, Lyon)

The role of the sensorimotor spiking activities and oscillations in the coordination of decision and action during foraging. THURA (CRNL, Lyon)

Motivation, learning, planning and strategy change in brain and behaviour. KOLLING (SBRI, Lyon)

Spatial navigation beyond the hippocampus. WIRTH (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Aberrant light exposure as compounding factor for retinal degeneration. DKHISSI-BENYAHYA (SBRI, Lyon)

The syntax of tool use. BROZZOLI (CRNL, Lyon)

Role of the Axonal initial Segment in the Antidepressant Response of Psychedelics. HADDJERI (SBRI, Lyon)

The human-specific prefrontal operculum: schedule of its connectivity profile setup in the developing human brain. AMIEZ (SBRI, Lyon)

The emergence of prefrontal neural dynamics through cognitive training – a neural basis for meta learning? WILSON (SBRI, Lyon)

The Claustrum as a hub orchestrating state-dependent cortical network dynamics. VEZOLI & KENNEDY (SBRI, Lyon)

Emotion-behaviour interplay – neural correlates and meditation intervention.  SCHOLL (CRNL, Lyon)

Anatomo-functional organization of the Postero-Medial Cortex in humans. HADJ-BOUZIANE (CRNL, Lyon)

Detecting motor preparation from brain signals and modulating the sense of agency.  VERNET (CRNL, Lyon)

Decoding of attention spotlight in Magnetoencephalography. BONNEFOND & BEN HAMED (CRNL & ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Lineage reprogramming of glial cells into neurons: A new avenue for brain repair.  HEINRICH (SBRI, Lyon)

Action prediction during development and pathology. CRISTOFORI & SIRIGU (ISC-MJ, Lyon)

Neural mechanisms of learning from errors.  QUENTIN & TODOROV (CRNL, Lyon)

Functional contribution of genetically identified neurons of a supraspinal locomotor center to locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury. BRETZNER (Université Laval, Québec)

Temporal statistics in audition and speech. KOSEM (CRNL, Lyon)

Is French writing gender-biased? An EEG study. KOSEM & VERNET (CRNL, Lyon)

Are there features in the Resting State Networks that predict performance in a motor learning task ? A developmental approach. SCHMITZ (CRNL, Lyon)

The role of Melatonin receptors in modulating learning . RANDLETT (MeLiS, Lyon)

Investigating the effects of phagocytosis modulators on microglial phagocytosis in an in vitro model of ischemic stroke. WIART & PASCUAL (CarMeN & MeLiS, Lyon)