M2 FCN - Conferences

Fundamental and Clinical Neurosciences

This series of conferences takes place each year from September to December and is organized into thematic modules, with French and international specialists invited to present their latest research. The conferences are financed by the UCBL and the LabEx CORTEX. The research topics are related to the expertise present within the Lyon neuroscience community. The conferences are open to the scientific community.

Neuroconferences 2023

  • Neurobiology of Depression: neurobiological and treatment perspectivesorganised by Nasser Haddjeri (SBRI)
    Conferences by Nasser Haddjeri (SBRI), Erika Abrial (CH Le Vinatier),  Bruno Guiard (CRCA, Toulouse), Guillaume Lucas (INCIA, Bordeaux) Philippe De Deurwaerdere (INCIA, Bordeaux).
  • Sleep, local sleep, memory consolidation, and replay organised by Dezső Nemeth (CRNL) & Romain Quentin (CRNL)
    Conferences by Dezső Nemeth (CRNL), Peter Simor (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest) & Romain Quentin (CRNL).

Programs of the previous years

Neural Basis of Cognition 2023

  • Cerebral plasticity
  • Phylogenesis and ontogenesis contributions to cognition
  • Social cognition

Programs of the previous years

Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences 2023

  • Glia and synaptic function
  • Nervous system development and repair
  • Single cell approaches in Neurosciences

Programs of the previous years

Computational Neurosciences 2023

Bridging empirical findings and computational models: from neurons to circuits, networks and cognition

  • Neuronal dynamics, from physiology to cognition
  • Neural dynamics, from cells to whole brain
  • Neural dynamics for flexible decision making
  • Artificial and altered brains

Programs of the previous years

Advanced Clinical Neurosciences 2023

  • Schizophrenia
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Programs of the previous years