In the framweork of the UE TechnEx, the M1 students have an initiation to basic coding. They learn about variables, loops and conditional statements using GNU Octave. They realise simple « video games » with the aim of understanding how to practically make use of these newly acquired skills. While graphics remains beyond the goal of the exercise, the games were pretty fun to play !   


by Florent, Maÿlis, Gregory and  Maxime

Crazy Ball

by Samar, Tony, Thomas and Myriam


by Hugo, Laurine, Océane and Tessa

Free Kick

by Lilas, Marie, Maëlys and Maddalena

Ball in the Box

by Hatim, Camille, Flora and Pascal


by Clémence, Myriam, Clémence, Marion and Ema


by Marine, Carla, Laurie and Anatole


by Elsa, Caroline, Romane, Vivian and Odalys