M2 NFC - Teaching Program

Basic and Clinical Neurosciences

The M2 NFC program provides students with a solid neuroscientific training including theoretical courses, practical sessions, and research projects. These elements are critical for the integration of knowledge and its practical application to problems of a neuro-physiological or neuro-pathological nature. The first semester enables students to gain specialized knowledge in their fields of interest via optional teaching Units, the second semester is fully dedicated to laboratory internships.

M2NFC planning (restricted access)

First Semester

Disciplinary Courses

Scientific Tools

Optional Units


Scientific conferences given by French and international experts on hot topics in the different levels of analysis covered by Neurosciences. Topics are renewed each year. Extensive time is dedicated to discussions between the students and the speakers, aiming to develop in-depth scientific reasoning and networking. See also M2NFC conferences.

More info: NeuroConf

Responsable/s: Emiliano Macaluso (emiliano.macaluso@univ-lyon1.fr) & Marion Richard (marion.richard@univ-lyon1.fr)

Statistical and bibliographic tools

This teaching unit aims at mastering methods used for:  1) searching, critical reviewing, synthesis and communication of scientific information ; and 2) understanding, selecting, using appropriate and advanced statistics in biology.

More info: Stats/Biblio

Responsable/s: Philippe Boulinguez (philippe.boulinguez@univ-lyon1.fr)

Project management

Lectures on the theory, methodology and techniques of scientific project elaboration and management (including planning, budgeting and communication), followed by a practical application: groups of students elaborate a research project and prepare a grant application. Mentoring is provided by local researchers.

More info: Project

Responsable/s: Philippe Boulinguez (philippe.boulinguez@univ-lyon1.fr) & Anne Didier (anne.didier@univ-lyon1.fr)


English courses specifically designed for scientific communication. This includes writing of scientific articles, training for poster presentation, job interviews and writing letters for editors/reviewers.

More info: English

Responsable/s: Nathalie Dourlot (nathalie.dourlot@univ-lyon1.fr)

Neural Bases of Cognition

Conferences series by national and international experts studying the neural bases of primate cognition, in the healthy and pathological brain, with a specific emphasis on perception, action, high level cognition and brain plasticity. New technical developments in functional neuroimaging and electrophysiological recordings are highlighted. See also M2NFC conferences.

More info: NBC

Responsable/s: Aurélie Bidet-Caulet (aurelie.bidet-caulet@inserm.fr) & Yves Rossetti (yves.rossetti@inserm.fr)

Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences

Conference series by national and international experts studying the modifications of the brain’s structure and function at the cellular and sub-cellular levels, during brain development, brain plasticity and brain repair. A special emphasis is given to neuron-glia communication and cutting-edge methodologies in neurobiology. See also M2NFC conferences.

More info: MCN

Responsable/s: Marion Richard (marion.richard@univ-lyon1.fr) & Olivier Pascual (olivier.pascual@inserm.fr)


The course, comprising two teaching units (NI-IPB and NI-A2I), addresses concepts in neuro-immunology that have clinical and pharmaceutical applications in the fields of oncology, neurology, neuro-inflammatory, neuro-degenerative and neuro-infectious diseases. The course proposes highly interactive inverted-classes, as well as conferences by local and external experts.

More info: NI-IPB and NI-A2I

Responsable/s: Christine Delprat (christine.delprat@univ-lyon1.fr), Romain Marigner (romain.marignier@chu-lyon.fr) & Virginie Desestret (virginie.desestret@univ-lyon1.fr)

Second Semester


Full-immersion in the world of academic Neuroscience research for a period of 5 to 6 months. Possibility to access to the many technological platforms present on the Lyon-St-Etienne site. Students can also do their internship in other French laboratories or abroad. See also M2NFC internships.

More info: Internship

Responsable/s: Emiliano Macaluso (emiliano.macaluso@univ-lyon1.fr) & Marion Richard (marion.richard@univ-lyon1.fr)