M2 NFC - Internships

Basic and Clinical Neurosciences

The second semester of the M2 NFC is fully dedicated to an internship in a research laboratory.
Below is a list of internship proposals from some Neuroscience teams in and outside Lyon.
Potential M2 NFC students are encouraged to directly contact other teams from the Labs in Lyon affiliated with the Master, as well as to consider internships outside of Lyon or abroad. The latter will be endorsed if the scientific project and the host laboratory meet the admission commission’s criteria.

Investigating the noradrenergic system in the living human brain across the life span : its role on perceptual and motor olfactory capacities. BALLANGER (CRNL, Lyon)

S100B and glia changes during cortical spreading depolarization after subarachnoid hemorrhage. BALANCA & MARINESCO (CRNL, Lyon)

Dynamic recruitment of brain glycogen energy stores by neuronal activity. MARINESCO & MEILLER (CRNL, Lyon)

From sleep to wakefulness: electrophysiological signatures of idiopathic hypersomnia across vigilance states. PETER-DEREX & VALOMON (CRNL, Lyon)

Evaluating booksharing intervention in schools in children from 3 to 6 years. CRISTOFORI, GOMEZ & FERRARI (ISC, Lyon)

Targeting REM sleep as a treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders: a rat behavioral study. SALIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Digital Olfaction : from diagnosis to remediation. RICHARD & BENSAFI (CRNL, Lyon)

Exploring the effects of human POC5 mutations on brain and spine morphogenesis in zebrafish. DELOUS (CRNL, Lyon)

Recognition memory in aging rodents: an animal model to understand the determinant of successful brain aging. LITAUDON & RAVEL (CRNL, Lyon)

Human chemical communication of emotions. FERDENZI (CRNL, Lyon)

Sensorimotor integration in the trigeminal and thalamic sensory relay nuclei. URBAIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Sleep, synaptic plasticity, memory and forgetting – an integrative approach. MALLERET (CRNL, Lyon)

Characterization of respiratory and olfactory functions in a rat model of Parkinson Disease. COURTIOL (CRNL, Lyon)

INTERNATIONAL – Plasticity of midbrain and brainstem pathways after spinal cord injury. BRETZNER (Université Laval)

Enhancing implicit learning: the role of environment. NEMETH & FANUEL (CRNL, Lyon)

Detecting motor preparation from brain signals and modulating the sense of agency. VERNET (CRNL, Lyon)

Anti-CASPR2 autoantibodies in limbic encephalitis: impact on neuronal excitability through Kv1 potassium channel modulation. NORAZ (INMG, Lyon)

High-field MRI follow-up of demyelination and remyelination. CHAUVEAU (CRNL, Lyon), RATINEY & DURAND-DUBIEF (CREATIS, Lyon)

Unravelling the neuroprotective roles of macrophages at the brain surface. RUA (CIML, Marseille)

A metabolic pathway controlling cortical circuits formation in the mouse. COURCHET (INMG, Lyon)

Ontogeny of the light response of the mammalian retinal clock. DKHISSI-BENYAHYA (SBRI, Lyon)