M2 NFC - Internships

Basic and Clinical Neurosciences

The second semester of the M2 NFC is fully dedicated to an internship in a research laboratory.
Below is a list of internship proposals from some Neuroscience teams in and outside Lyon. This list is updated as proposals are received.
Potential M2 NFC students are encouraged to directly contact other teams from the Labs in Lyon affiliated with the Master, as well as to consider internships outside of Lyon or abroad. The latter will be endorsed if the scientific project and the host laboratory meet the admission commission’s criteria.

List of proposals for the academic year 2021-2022

Understanding the neural mechanisms behind food valuation. DREHER (ISC, Lyon)

Cognitive and Behavioral bases of the Implicit Learning and memory rewiring. NEMETH (CRNL, Lyon)

Developmental trajectory and functional role of beta bursts. BONAIUTO (ISC, Lyon)

Functional role of cortical beta activity in naturalistic actions. BONAIUTO (ISC, Lyon)

What is the neurophysiological basis of attentional effort and motivation in prefrontal cortex? WILSON (SBRI, Lyon)

From sleep to wakefulness: electrophysiological signatures of idiopathic hypersomnia across vigilance states. PETER_DEREX (CRNL, Lyon)

The role of Na2+ activated potassium current in shaping the intrinsic firing pattern of Mitral Cells (MC) in the olfactory bulb. KUCZEWSKI (CRNL, Lyon)

Embodied consciousness recovery. PERRIN and DUFFNER (CRNL and LIRIS, Lyon)

Functional impact of focal demyelination studied by multimodal neuroimaging in rodents. CHAUVEAU (CRNL, Lyon)

Role of DSCAM in the development of motor circuits. BRETZNER (Univ. Laval, QUEBEC) – INTERNATIONAL

Postnatal neural stem cell potency in health and diseases. RAINETEAU (SBRI, Lyon)

Investigating the noradrenergic system in the living human brain across the life span: its role on perceptual and motor olfactory capacities. BALLANGER (CRNL, Lyon)

Sensory gating in thalamic relay nuclei by the motor cortex. URBAIN (CRNL, Lyon)

What do we learn while resting? QUENTIN (CRNL, Lyon)

Neuropsychiatric-like disorders in Parkinson’s disease: An experimental approach in the macaque. SGAMBATO (ISC, Lyon)

Determinants underlying multisensory vs unisensory perception: psychophysical approaches in human. AVILLAC (CRNL, Lyon)

Study of a pediatric cancer, medulloblastoma in a new avian model. TAUSZIG-DELAMASURE (INMG, Lyon)

Identification of the shaping mechanisms of cortical network activity supporting memory consolidation. HAY (CRNL, Lyon)

Therapeutic potential of peptides targeting Aβ oligomers in Alzheimer’s disease models. MEISSIREL (INMG, Lyon)

Modulation of mitochondrial metabolism by the regulation of the RNA splicing machinery during the development of cortical circuits. GOILLOT (INMG, Lyon)

Development of the attentional blink in infancy. HOCHMANN (ISC, Lyon)

Effects of Early Social Adversity on Behavioural and Brain Development in Rhesus Macaques. FERRARI (ISC, Lyon)

Genetic control of acetylcholine receptor biosynthesis: from C. elegans to human pathologies. DALESSANDRO (INMG, Lyon)

Deciphering neuron/microglia signaling involved in synaptic plasticity. PASCUAL (INMG, Lyon)

Variables controlling spatial navigation in VR in non-human primates WIRTH (ISC, Lyon)

Characterization of a new synaptic regulator in C. elegans BERANGERE (INMG, Lyon)

Unravelling the neurotrophic roles of macrophages at the brain surface RUA (CIML, Marseille)

Deciphering the neuronal networks involved in the exprssion of paradoxical sleep by using the powerful genetic TRAP method in mice. FORT (CRNL, Lyon)

Brain microvascular and metabolic changes induced by milrinone in a rat model of subarachnoid hemorrhage with psreading depolarizations. BALANCA & MARINESCO (CRNL, Lyon)

Brain metabolic adaptation to neuroinflammation. MARINESCO (CRNL, Lyon)