M2 NFC - Conferences

Basic and Clinical Neurosciences

This series of conferences takes place each year in September/October/November and is organized into thematic modules, with French and international specialists invited to present their latest research. The conferences are financed by the UCBL and the LabEx CORTEX. The research topics are related to the expertise present within the Lyon neuroscience community. The conferences are open to the scientific community and the general public.

Neuroconferences 2020

  • Brain states and sensory transmissionorganised by Nadia Urbain & Luc Gentet (CRNL)
  • Cellular bases of circadian rhythms organised by Ouria Dkhissi-Benyahya (SBRI)
  • Using neuroinformatics and computational neuroscience to study and model the brainorganised by Moustafa Bensafi & Nicolas Fourcaud (CRNL)
  • Neural basis of social interactions organised by Sylvia Wirth (CNC) 

Programs of the pevious years

Neural Basis of Cognition 2020

  • Vision
  • Audition
  • Plasticity
  • Action

Programs of the pevious years

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2020

  • Glia and synaptic function
  • Nervous system development and repair

Programs of the pevious years